Magura MT5 Hydraulic Brake

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Weight 255 g
Length 2200mm
Recommende Rotor Storm HC


The price-performance wonder in the gravity segment:

The MT5 offers excellent braking performance at an unbeatable price.

Whether in bike parks, in enduro use or on the home trail – the MT5 is up to all challenges.


Disc Brakes: Magura MT5


The radial design of the brake master ensures low friction, reducing transmission losses.

It also enables the conversion of (small/large) transmission ratios, which improves modulation and control.

Disc Brakes: Magura MT5

Braking performance doesn’t have to be expensive:

With the MT5 you save money and still get the performance you need.

The 4-piston brake calliper forged in one piece has a high degree of rigidity, resulting in

  • outstanding braking force and
  • the best possible modulation.